Penis Growth Solutions have grown an untrustworthy reputation in today’s market’s. But now, there has been a breakthrough in alternative medicine. A 500 year old Hidden Secret which Aids in Permanent Penis Growth has been revealed.

The founder of 3L health products has discovered & compounded miracle, herbal ingredients into a formula that provides an all natural, permanent, growth and enhancement of the penis. See Permanent Results on a weekly basis using 3L Natural Herbal Penis Growth & Enhancement Gel. Increases Length, Girth, Strength and Responsiveness.

The first Course will aid in supplementing any deficiencies in the libido area.

After the second course visible changes are seen by users.

On completion of the third and/or fourth Course significant improvement is seen by all users.

Every treatment there after will be helping in the increase of mass and girth.

Users of 3L have found the penis to be a lot more firmer, responsive and even after heavy consumption of alcohol, be able to be erect and perform to the users satisfaction.

On average a minimum of 10 to 15 treatments ( 4 bottles ) are needed for satisfying results. However some men may need   15-20 treatments (5 bottles) depending on the user.

It is an objective of 3L to ameliorate the aforementioned disadvantages. The natural herbal botanical extracts, are a cocktail of Flavoids, Phenol’s, Alkaloids, Proteins, and natural vitamins. These extracts have been used for centuries by different cultures around the world.

The founder of 3L has refined the process of both the formula & application to develop a softer yet more effective product, bringing happiness to hundreds of men with satisfying results.

The 3L Formula helps in nourishing the penis glans, the Corpus Cavernosum and Corpus Spongiosum by way of topical application to the penile neck area, promoting the increase of girth and reach. 3L helps promote an increase in the size of the Dorsal Blood Vessels and penile nerves allowing more blood flow, hence aiding an increase in erectile strength.

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